The BCHS Unified Bowling Team Makes History at the State Tournament

Quintin McKenzie, freshman, is a bowler for the BCHS bowling team. In his past two years of bowling for the team he has taken home regional champion and regional runner up for the unified division. McKenzie, alongside his two-year partner Carter West, graduate of BCHS, advanced to the state tournament twice but only made it to the second round of the tournament. 

Since McKenzie’s partner graduated, he was assigned a new partner this year, freshman Kadyn Hargis. Hargis and McKenzie won first place at the regional tournament on Jan. 24 at Southern Lanes in Bowling Green. Last year McKenzie and his partner lost their Region 1 championship title but still placed runner up in 2019.

Barren County and the first Daviess County team advanced to the state tournament which was held on Feb. 6 at the Executive Strike & Spare Family Fun Center in Louisville. At State, McKenzie and Hargis bowled against 13 other teams. The boys advanced to the finals bowling against Beechwood bowlers Hailey Noah and Jensen Linder. Noah and Linder took home the State Championship title with McKenzie and Hargis getting runner up.

Since the Regional Tournament, McKenzie and Hargis were ready to get back on the lanes and bowl at the state tournament. While preparing for the unified competition, McKenzie found that bowling with another bowler to be a good advantage because the boys have bowled together since they joined the team. The bowlers are three year returning members for the team but this was Hargis’s first year bowling in the unified division. 

Since McKenzie bowled with a new bowling partner this season he was able to connect more with the team and bowling

“It’s different bowling with a different partner but Kadyn and I have the best time bonding together,” McKenzie said. “Last year we didn’t advance far in state but this year we were able to go very far.”

While bowling teammates should work together as one for the team to connect and achieve their goals. The BCHS unified team uses their teamwork as a way to not only connect with the game but with each other.

Hargis sees bowling with McKenzie as a gift not only because who McKenzie is as a bowler but who he is as a person which has given the team a great advantage because of their strong friendship.

“It’s special to bowl with a friend like Quintin because he’s such a great bowler but more importantly he’s a great person,” Hargis said. “He has the best personality and is such a great teammate and has great sportsmanship.”

Hargis continued by adding how bowling together with his partner has changed his view as a bowler.

“At first I saw bowling only as a sport but since I’ve bowled with Quintin he has changed the way I see it,” Hargis said. “Bowling isn’t only about winning but it’s about the connections that you make with the other bowlers.”

Hargis added that since bowling together at state the boys have created a very strong bond between them.

“We have such a terrific bond and together we went out there and had a great time,” Hargis added.

Some people say that the most important thing to know in bowling is how to roll the ball down the right section of the lane but the most important thing is teamwork. No sport can succeed without a team coming together and uniting as one.