The Lowe Down: Social Butterflies

As a young magician, a trick I have always found very interesting is the metamorphosis. It involves one person being tied up and padlocked into a crate and then another standing on top of the crate and raising a curtain. When the curtain is dropped, the two have switched places and the person originally tied up is on top of the crate. There are many methods to performing it; however, the “wow factor” is how quickly the switch is done. In some acts the curtain is basically raised then immediately dropped to reveal the switch.


This past weekend I was at a magic convention debuting my own variation of this trick. At the convention, as you might expect, many of the magicians there were normally introverted and quiet; picture a room full of mostly old guys forty-five to sixty and a few teens who seem to have never seen the sun. When surrounded by other people who enjoy their art, they became open and wanted to engage in extensive socialization with the other like minded convention goers. They stayed up late into the night discussing mentalism theories and cardistry techniques. Some even performed their own stage illusions and various magic acts. My mother usually attends these conventions with my us, but she has no interest in magic. She commented that she feels out of place because she isn’t a magician and that she finds that interesting since the magicians would normally feel out of place.


The weekend before this I was at the Derby City Comic Con. Both of these conventions had very niche audiences, comic fans and magicians. These things tend to be seen as “dorky” and “uncool,” but when a huge group of people who enjoy these things is together, everything is different. Those with the best cosplays and most knowledge about superheroes are not the outcasts but the revered. Others there wanted to take pictures with them and get autographs.


Just like the trick, there are many methods to showing other aspects of one’s  personality and some open up or “switch” more quickly than others. Still, to an extent, being accepted for who you are and in a comfortable environment causes everyone to loosen up and people experience a complete metamorphosis of their own just by being accepted.