The Perfect Thanksgiving

There sits a familiar home in trees of beautiful warm shades, with the tree’s colors delicately drifting across the landscape. The house gives a warm feeling that is only associated with this time of year, bringing a sense of happiness, drowsiness, and even pangs of hunger. Walking toward it, each step on the ground gives a wonderful crunching sound, almost like a greeting. Nearing the door, delicious smells and laughter waft outside, alluring people to come in. A knock is not necessary to enter.

With only a foot inside, a wave of greetings are already flowing through. There are the it’s so good to see you! and it’s been so long! and even a few hey, I hope you’re hungry! Some will even go straight for a hug. Then the comfortable conversation with everyone asking how each other’s year has been resumes, but over all of it there is a rumble of hungry stomachs as the tempting, incredible smells come from the delicious foods that await to be eaten. Of course, eating will not take place for another hour, potentially one of the longest hours known to man, because most have fasted so that they can take in the greatest amount that the incredible feast has to offer. 

After everyone has told almost every detail of their past year, a voice finally announces what everyone has been waiting for.

“Food is ready!”

Some will head straight toward the food, while others reassure each other to go ahead. It does not matter either way, for there is plenty to go around! The chefs who worked tirelessly will also make sure to tell each and every person to take however much  they want, gleaming over the success of their hard-work. At this point, there is the greatest amount of noise as everyone rejoices over what has been prepared and they give showers of compliments.

After they have finally settled themselves with their plates, things quieten and for a while the only noises are the sounds of blissful eating and occasional comments. Somehow through sitting and just enjoying food together, it feels like everyone has gained a comfort that only years of knowing each other would come from. There are smiles and occasional poking at each other, but most of all, a sense of belonging.

Once plates have been cleared and bellies are pouted out, filled to the brim with all it can and ever will fit, people begin resting as though they have finished a marathon. Some yawns pry themselves out of mouths, and some stomachs pry themselves out of pants. A couple tease that they have to undo their belts or they will otherwise burst. That drowsy feeling has now come at full throttle, with everyone exhausted and in need of a winter nap. Some will chat and laugh, some may watch a football game and give groans of either cheer or disappointment, and some may even doze off as if they tap out to the power of the food.

Either way, everyone is happy and finds themselves in the comfort of one another’s presence. The ending does not matter nor the amount of leftovers taken home, but instead what does matter is who it was that was there to enjoy the time together. It was another perfect Thanksgiving.