The Special Olympics

This article was submitted by a BCHS FMD student. The article was submitted to the Trojan Times on part of Emily’s teacher Jenny Harbison and Instructional Assistant Teresa Martin. Emily is a junior at BCHS. We hope you enjoy this article and feel free to leave comments for Emily! This article is published as written by the author. 
By: Emily Jackson
Jackson poses with her article she wrote for class.

      When we talk about the Special Olympics we ask the questions,

“How did the Special Olympics get started”,  “Who are the participants”,
        It started June 1968, a joint venture between the Kennedy Foundation and the Chicago Park District.  The Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. Foundation is established in 1946.  The goals began as doing good works and later focused on how society cares for people with intellectual disabilities.  The foundation is the first of its kind to focus efforts on this neglected population.
        The foundation helps pay for the charity.  They help children and adults with intellectual disabilities from all around the world.  They are finding success, joy, and friendship as part of our global community.
        “When did the Barren County Special Olympics start?”  Barren County started their own Olympics in 2002.  The Olympics have competition in softball, bowling, golf, swimming, track, and basketball.
Brian Cheely, 29 years old, began Special Olympics 6 years ago.  He is a Coach for the Flames.  He plays basketball, golf, track and field, tennis, and bowling.  He said, “I like basketball the best.”  “In bowling I make a score of 100.”  “We got 1st place in the St. Mary’s Tournament in Louisville.”  “The golf state tournament is in Ft. Knox, KY.”  “Our team is the Flames.”  “Eric Bragg plays on the basketball team.  Angel P. and Tanner play on the Flames team.”
        There is a minimum age limit of 8 years old to participate in the Special Olympics.  Volunteer to help people out.
By: Emily Jackson
      BCHS 2018