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The Trojan Times Staff

Trojan Times Staff

The Trojan Times has a staff consisting of sophomore, junior and senior students. The staff meets five days out of the week despite lacking a journalism class. 

All articles and content are published on behalf of the editors and the adviser. 

All time is volunteered as the publication does not exist in standard coursework. 

Brennan Crain

Brennan is in his third year of multimedia journalism at BCHS and is serving as editor-in-chief for a second year. He is also an anchor on BCHS Today.

Kaity Martin
Assistant Editor

Kaity Martin is a junior at Barren County High School. She is the assistant editor of the Trojan Times newspaper. She has served as an anchor on BCHS Today student newscast and a reporter. This is her second year as a staff member of the newspaper. 

Nathaniel Baines
Copy Editor

Nathaniel Baines is the copy editor of the Trojan Times. He has served the Trojan Times for two years. He oversees print production, and is one of the last student members of the staff to verify our print editions. 

Rachel Sergent
Creative Editor

Rachel Sergent is a senior at BCHS. She is currently serving the Trojan Times for her second year. Rachel is responsible for overseeing headlines and "architecture" of our print editions. 

Caroline Kinsman
BCHS Today Anchor & Producer

Caroline Kinsman is a senior at BCHS. This is her first year as a staff member of the Trojan Times. Caroline does not plan to pursue journalism, but she has a hopeful dream of pursuing medicine. Caroline is a producer and anchor for BCHS Today. 

Miranda Peacock

Miranda Peacock is a first year staff member of the Trojan Times. She is a senior. Miranda follows many stories, but mainly reports on drama production at BCHS. 

Lillian Barry

Lillian Barry is a junior at BCHS. She is a second-year reporter for the Trojan Times. Lillian is a diverse writer, but she enjoys creative writing. 

Madison High

Madison High is a staff reporter for the Trojan Times. Madison has worked on many creative pieces, and she formely followed the beat of BCHS Magnet school meetings. 

Grace Lowe

Grace Lowe is a second-year reporter for the Trojan Times. She mainly writes for her column "The Lowe Down." Grace served on LaToya Drake's political campaign staff in 2018. Grace is a contributing host for a new segment set to air soon on BCHS Today.

Angelia Pulliam

Angelia Pulliam is a sophomore at BCHS. Angelia has adapted to the newspaper lifestyle fairly quickly. With an AP manual in hand, Angelia sticks to writing opinion pieces and some news. 

Suzie Endicott

Suzie Endicott is a first-year reporter for the Trojan Times. Suzie writes most of our SBDM articles. She is also a member of the BCHS broadcasting club. 

Kelley Bauer

Kelley Ross is an English teacher at BCHS. She is no stranger to student media. She has served as adviser to the Trojan yearbook and the BCHS newspaper.