The Uprising & Awakening of a New Age: Burgundy Media Network

By: Brennan Crain

Every day at eleven o’clock at Barren County High School, a member of the broadcasting club chimes in over the school intercom; students continue to tell that story they were sharing with their friend during the four minute passing period. By the time the story is completely told, the broadcaster giving the morning announcement signs off.

The Trojan Times writers have spent a month scavenging around for $600 to publish their eight-page monthly edition of interest stories and old news. Then, the day comes. The writers are thrilled to see their stories on newsprint! The school? That’s another story; papers crumbled up in the cafeteria or laying around the school becoming hideous eyesores. To best explain the success of getting students interested in the “newspaper” is to say that it did not go as planned.

Were you feeling down Friday night? Well, you just switch on YouTube and BCHS Live! is streaming the football game you want to see. Wait, BCHS has a program that allows you to set in your PJs and watch a BCHS event?

These three issues are what BMN was created for. Aaron Russell and I saw a serious need to address these problems and to address them quickly. Sorting through ideas, brainstorming what we could do; we engaged our thought processes and immediately thought of several ways to fix this problem.

How could this problem be fixed? We were having similar thoughts regarding the matter. Finally, we both shared the same thought. We thought that a joining of the school’s three major media outlets, in a manner that would allow them to keep their defining characteristics and would enable all three to work together to produce school happenings to the community and the school itself, would be what BMN was about. But how? This, we did not have figured out.

Aaron and I went to our newspaper teacher representative, Ms. Ross, as soon as we drafted a compilation of the three issues we saw. As expected, we started to see new problems that only gave way to greater ideas. We had two pages typed and met Ms. Ross in her classroom after school where we presented our ideas and our solution for roughly 40 minutes. We were starting to see the formation of something we did not yet recognize after she gave her opinion of our ideas; she loved it.

An advancement occurred shortly thereafter in the following weeks; Aaron came up with the name Burgundy Media Network, which was to be called BMN. As simple as that, BMN was the project’s new name. We organized a formal presentation and continued to come up with ideas and solutions. We finally gathered a group and had a meeting sharing our few weeks worth of work and things were set from there. I was responsible for gathering student names that could potentially be new writers for the next school year, while Aaron worked on recruiting new kids for the broadcasting club and BCHS Live!.

We continued to have thoughts of what BMN could be. We knew that we would have to create a website because we needed a place to join all of the media outlets. We also originated an idea about airing a weekly newscast to the school, which would be the product of all three outlets in some way.
As our ideas originated fairly late in the school year, May arrived quickly and school ended but the work didn’t. Over the course of the first full month of summer, Aaron and I continued to perfect our work.

As the summer progressed new advancements were being made. Aaron and I met a few times over the summer to discuss progress and share ideas such as the new logos, ideas regarding newscasts, and the daring website development. At this point, we were ecstatic! Our simple idea originating from three major issues became reality over the course of a few months. By mid-July the website draft was ready. At this moment BMN was becoming such a reality that it was unbelievable!

While writing this story I have to say, “I’m thrilled!”. As one of the founders of Barren County High School’s first multimedia organization, I’m thrilled to say that BMN is going to bring a different look to BCHS! With hopes of an increased involvement from BCHS and the community, we look forward to seeing where BMN will lead BCHS. With plans to have a weekly newscast, utilizing Trojan Radio members, BCHS Live! members, and Trojan Times members, sharing school news quicker, incorporating photojournalism along with realistic reporting at school events and sporting events, the possibilities of BMN are endless. It has been such an exciting experience forming the Burgundy Media Network from the small ideas to the vast reality! Now for the first year in existence, BMN begins its journey toward giving you an inside look at what awaits for Barren County High School in the near future. Thank you to those involved in the formation and thank you to those who will continue to aid in the development of BMN.