Thirteen Halloween Costume Ideas for Teens

The seasonal aisle of Walmart is filled with a variety of candies. “Monster Mash” can be heard playing in the distance. Spooky decorations can be spotted on every street. It’s that time of year again: Halloween.


Halloween is known for many things: carving pumpkins, eating loads of candy, terrifying haunted houses; arguably the best part of Halloween is getting to dress-up.
It’s always difficult trying to think of a new costume every year that beats your previous one. This might make things a little easier; here is a list of thirteen costume ideas for everything trending to have all eyes on you.


1. Cheryl Blossom from Riverdale
With the premiere of season two of Riverdale, this costume will be popular this year. It is also simple and easy to put together. All you need to become Cheryl Blossom is: a signature red clothing item, a long red wig, red nail polish, and red lipstick.
2. Spider-Man from Spider-Man: Homecoming
The new Spider-Man movie was released earlier this year and was a huge hit among teens. This costume would also be cheap and easy to put together since you can find these items at the nearest Walmart. All you need for this awesome costume is: a Spider-Man mask, a red hoodie, a blue long sleeve shirt, blue pants, and black tape.
3. Amy and Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory
This costume works well for couples or friend groups. Most likely, you could probably put this “nerdy concoction” together from things that are already in your closet. For Sheldon all you need is: a grey long sleeve shirt, a Flash t-shirt, and khaki pants. Bazinga! For Amy you’ll need: a purple button up shirt, a striped cardigan, a blue skirt, yellow tights, some glasses, and a small hair barrette.

4. A Water Bottle
The “Water Bottle Flipping Challenge” went viral this year, so what’s better to dress up as than a water bottle? This one might take a bit more effort to make, but it will definitely give everyone a good laugh. You’ll need: a blue long sleeve shirt, blue pants, a white translucent trash bag to make the bottle and lid, and a poster to wrap around like a label.


5. Wonder Woman from Wonder Woman
There also has to be a superhero costume for the DC fans, and with the new Wonder Woman movie this costume is perfect. Among the places to purchase a Wonder Woman costume, places include Party City, Spirit Halloween, and Amazon.


6. Link from Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

link costume.jpg
One of the top video games released this year on the new Nintendo Switch was Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This is the perfect costume for Legend of Zelda fans. This cool outfit can be purchased at Hot Topic and some Walmarts.

7. Dancing Hot Dog

dancing hot dog.jpg
If you use Snapchat, you have probably heard of this one. The dancing hot dog filter took over the world of Snapchat earlier this year, and now it is the perfect thing to dress-up as. All you’ll need is a hot dog costume and some green headphones which you can get on Amazon.

8. Rick and Morty from Rick and Morty

rick and morty.jpg 
After a long wait, season three of Rick and Morty premiered over the summer. Now that everyone’s favorite grandpa-grandson duo has returned, it would be an easy costume to put together. All you need for Rick is: a white lab coat, a blue shirt, black pants, and a Rick mask. For Morty all you need is: a yellow t-shirt, jeans, and a Morty mask. These can all be found at Spirit Halloween.


9. Zombie Taylor Swift


zombie taylor swift.jpg
If you don’t live under a rock, you have probably heard Taylor Swift’s new song “Look What You Made Me Do,” at least once. This look is inspired by the music video for her new hit song, so if you want to be as dead as the old Taylor this Halloween, you’ll need a blonde wig, a blue dress, and a zombie special effects makeup kit. These can be found at Spirit Halloween, Walmart, and Amazon.


10. Pennywise from It


One of the scarier ones that will be used a lot this year due to the new It movie is Pennywise. Just be aware that if you walk down the street with a red balloon everyone will probably run in the opposite direction. Pennywise costumes can be purchased at Spirit Halloween, Amazon, and Party City.


11. Eleven and Mike Wheeler from Stranger Things
mike and eleven.jpg
Season two of Stranger Things is about to be released Oct. 27 so a cute Mike Wheeler and Eleven duo would be great, even if you plan on staying in and binge watching the new season. Eleven and Mike Wheeler costumes can be purchased at Spirit Halloween and Amazon.

12. Flashback Mary (James Charles)

james charles.jpg
The ghost of James Charles took the Internet by storm in 2017. Pictures were released after a fan meet up of what became known as “Flashback Mary.” This look is easy to achieve with white face paint, some fake glasses, thick eyebrows, an Adidas hat, and an Adidas shirt. The face paint, glasses, and eyebrow pencil can be found at Walmart. The Adidas clothing can be found at an Adidas store, Pacsun, or Journeys.


13. Fidget Spinner
fidget spinner.jpeg


Perhaps the scariest costume of all is a fidget spinner. Everywhere you look for the past ten months, a fidget spinner can be spotted. The constant spinning was said to “help people focus” but this trend was taken to a whole new level with tricks and LED lights. All you need for this look is a piece of cardboard that you can cut into the shape of a fidget spinner, some spray paint of your choice, and an elastic band to attach to the spinner to put around your waist. These materials can be purchased at Walmart.