Three boys, one community, one school

On the evening of Dec. 11, three young men, Mason Pennington, Jaxson Arms, and Jonathan London, responded to their neighbor’s barn that was up in flames. 


“It was around seven or eight p.m., and we had noticed my father’s friend’s barn was burning,” Arms said. “Our first instinct was to help him out and try to save what we could.”


These young men went into the barn and went to work. They couldn’t save everything, but they did save a majority of equipment such as trailers, two trucks, and expensive farm machinery. Not only was equipment saved, but also up to 80 cattle. 


“We put ourselves in danger, but we did it for a reason; we felt we had to help,” said London. 


Arms felt as though he didn’t put himself in danger, but felt as if he was responsible for saving what he could. The boys said that if they could have saved anything, the main thing would have been the barn itself. There was no way possible for that to happen because of the damage from the flames, but what they could save they were pleased with.


On Jan. 10, Arms, Pennington, and London were recognized at the pep rally for their kind deed. They were also recognized as students of the month at the last Board of Education meeting.  


Many in the community and school see these young men as heroes. They simply do not see it as a problem or a big deal but something they saw as necessary.    


Arms concluded, “We are not heroes, we are simply just people who had to do something.”