Travel Club comes to BCHS: Students to go to Europe

Barren County High School has introduced another club for students. The new club, tagged the Travel Club, anticipates doing many activities with exploring the world’s many cultures to offering international travel.


Teachers Jessica Dyer and Stephanie Esters founded the club from their passion for traveling. The two are sponsoring a trip to Europe in 2019.


“The whole goal and vision is just to promote travel as a learning experience,” Dyer said, “An opportunity for students to learn about travel, to see what’s out there, and to provide resources to help assist students to be able to take advantage of travel.”


The Travel Club is meant for anyone interested in the world’s diversity.


Traveling is not a requirement to join, but the club plans to help anyone who wishes, aiding in planning and financial assistant.


“[It is] open to anyone who is just interested in the world,” Esters said.


Creation of the Travel Club was a long process.


The proposal began at the March site base meeting and was continued with the second presentation during the  May meeting.


The club was approved at the August meeting.


The atmosphere will involve students, teachers and guest speakers sharing their own experiences with traveling.


Students going to Europe will be planning their trip while the club begins preparing for speakers and guests.


“We do have plans to incorporate some fundraising to help students offset some of the cost,” Dyer said. “We hope to get some business sponsorships to be able to offer some scholarships to students who are enrolled on a trip.”


Plans for smaller trips, specifically in the U.S. and Western Hemisphere, are also being discussed.


Sponsors will reveal plans for a trip in the summer of 2021 this Oct. and Nov.


Students may also register to go to Europe still. Registration will close closer to departure next year.


To join the club, students must pay five dollars. Students planning to go to Europe do not have to pay dues.


The first club meeting will be during WIN on Friday, Sept. 21.