Trojanettes take the net, basketball team wins fourth region title

The Trojanette basketball team took home the net on March 5 at Western Kentucky University’s Diddle Arena defeating the Lady Purples 47-35. The Trojanettes are 31-4 for the season.

It has been 12 years since the Trojanettes have advanced to the KHSAA Girl’s Sweet Sixteen. This caused a large wave of excitement with the team and the fans watching.

A large student fan base supports the girls, also known as the student section. This is a group of students who come together and help support each other no matter if they are losing or winning.

Mallory Pedigo, senior player, explained what the cheers the student section does meant to her.

“I think the fan base is bigger than it ever has been, especially for girls sports,” Pedigo said. “For them [the student section] to have our backs no matter what we do is pretty cool and pretty special.”

Head coach Piper Lindsey, four year coach and past Trojanette, was also very happy to know that other students were supporting her players.

“They were unbelievable. Just the sea of gold that we saw up there and the white during the white out, they were awesome,” Lindsey said. “The girls really do feed off of that and I love seeing them up there, it’s just really special.”

Members of the student section were excited to see the team advance to state.

“Some schools don’t support their girls teams as much,” Mckenna Birrell, senior cheerleader, said. “All the support for ours, it’s really touching to see.”

“It’s really exciting for the student section because since we’ve been in high school we’ve never been able to go to state,” Jenna Brooks, senior and a co-leader of the student section, said. “I think it’s [the state tournament] going to be a really awesome experience.”

Garrett Hyatt, senior, explained why he cheers and how it makes him feel.

“I think it helps the girls play their best. It makes me happy seeing them playing good and winning, especially region.”

McKenzie England, senior player, said the Trojanettes are thankful for winning Tuesday night’s game.

“Winning last night’s game meant a lot to us,” England said. “It was nerve racking in the beginning, but it felt great because we haven’t done it [won regionals] in twelve years.”

On Wednesday the high school hosted a pep rally and congratulated the girls on winning the regional tournament. Students came together and cheered together with the fight song and the “Do It” chant. Layton Coffey, a sophomore, explained that this pep rally was different than others before.

“It was definitely the best one we’ve had so far,” Coffey said. “It was cool seeing everyone getting involved with the cheering.”

Among the entire student-body’s chants and claps was Brad Johnson, principal, and Bo Matthews, Superintendent of Barren County Schools. Hyatt said their presence shifted the way students reacted.

“I love seeing Bo Matthews actually using his outside voice and yelling in the mic,” Hyatt said, “especially seeing everyone do the ‘Do It’ chant at the end and all the grades coming together.”

Johnson and Matthews were very pleased to announce at the pep rally that all BCHS students can go the state tournament and support the girls. The tickets for the students will be free of charge and they have a chance to ride the pep bus to Lexington. Students will be provided with a sack lunch.

“I hope the students sign up for the free tickets to go,” Johnson said. “It’s an amazing thing we are able to do for the students and we are offering transportation, too. We are just a big Barren County party and we can’t wait.”

England talked about how long the team has been together and how close they’ve become .

“This team has a special bond. We’ve played together since we were little, but we’ve dreamed about this since the seventh grade,” England said. “So this team means a lot to me you know the seniors and the whole team, we have such a special bond.”

The Trojanettes will take on Pikeville in the Girl’s Sweet Sixteen on March 14 at Rupp Arena in Lexington, Ky. at 12 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

Go Trojanettes!